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When you buy or hire a Först Woodchipper you get much more than just an excellent, robust and reliable Woodchipper. You invest in a customer service package for life, peace of mind and assurance that you are backed all the way.

Forst is a brand of Redwood Global Ltd, one of the UK’s best trusted, longest established and leading suppliers to the arboriculture industry. Launched in March 2013, the Forst brand has fast become recognised as something set apart from anything else the market can offer. It brings new levels of performance and quality to the industry, and has been quickly placed by our customers as the undisputed best value for money woodchipper on the market.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK by Redwood Global, the Forst Woodchipper brings a new level of quality and durability within reach of every tree surgeon, contractor, hire company, local authority and anyone else with the requirement for a high performance Woodchipper.

Trust Först

Först is a machine created out of a passion for excellence, not only a passion for excellent product but for excellent service. We bend over backwards to give the ultimate level of service and the peace of mind that you are backed every step of the way. Read some of our customer testimonials to see what our customers have to say, or give us a call to get contact numbers of clients you can speak with.

In one sense Först isn’t new. It is designed and built by one of the industry’s longest standing distributors of Woodchippers. The Forst design and development team have a huge wealth of knowledge of all products on the market, and this is what you might call the ‘dream chipper’!! That is why we can offer a 3 year warranty, we have the confidence in our brand and the confidence that once you’ve moved over to Först you won’t look back!  


I demoed the wheeled one and if I needed a new 6” chipper this would be the one I’d buy – no contest, also consider that Redwoods back up service is excellent’...

Longstanding Redwood Global Customer

Had ours a couple of months and couldn’t be happier, great customer service and a 3 year warranty.

Owner of Forst ST6

What can say, it’s like a chipper on steroids, the Forst is head and shoulders above anything else in the tracked 6” class’

Owner of Forst ST6

Great chipper and fantastic customer service guys. Thank you.

Owner of Forst ST6

First in a long time where the dealer aftersales service is 1st class product, 1st class service’

Owner of Forst ST6

In my opinion it's hands down the best 6 inch chipper available and has three year warranty

Owner of Forst ST6

The ST6 has all the pros, can’t think of any cons, Have used most chippers at one time or another, and for me it has it all.

Owner of Forst ST6

I feel obliged to write to congratulate and thank the team there at Redwood for the continuing support you provide us in respect to the quite brilliant ST6 we purchased from you. Special th...

Ben Stearn - Amity Arborists

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