When your livelihood is at stake

We are your stanchion

True support Direct from the manufacturer

One of the beauties of buying a Forst Woodchipper is that you buy direct from the manufacturer. This means that not only do you deal with the professionals who design and make the machines but we do nothing else. That means that you are always a priority, if you as our core customers aren’t supported and looked after, we have no other market. You are our future.


Rapid Assist Service support engineers

Forst services its customers through a network of over 50 service support engineers. The Rapid Assist network ensures that help is never far away, and more than that we come to you. All Rapid Assist agents are trained Woodchipper mechanics with mobile workshops to ensure when we get to you we can do our utmost to get you back on track.

Parts Direct Direct from the manufacturer

No more waiting for parts! Buy your parts direct from the manufacturer and get the best deals and next day delivery.

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Demo a Forst Machine today

Nothing beats getting a machine on your site to see how it performs on the job. Click here to fill in a form to get a demo. Prepare to be blown away!