Wheeled Woodchippers

  • TT6 Wheeled
    TT6 Wheeled

    TT66" / turntable / PETROL

    The Revolution is here ! The new TT6 shares the same attitude as its petrol powered comrade - the ST6P:  Engine, Chipping Chamber and stunning good looks in spades but the TT6 adds a whole new dimension to the offering with it’s 360° turntable -  making it far more versatile for street work and much safer to use.


    • 37HP EFI Petrol Engine
    • 360 Degree Turntable
    • Stage 5 Emissions Compliant
    • Sub 750kg
    • E-Coat Paint Process
    • Forstgrip Feed Roller
    • Autointelligence
    • Forst Open Flywheel
  • ST6P Wheeled
    ST6P Wheeled

    ST6P6" capacity / PETROL

    Here at Först we said we wouldn’t build a sub 750kg wood chipper unless we were so confident in its strength, performance, and longevity that we could place our 3-Year Warranty 
stamp on it …  We’ve done it!
    • 37HP V Twin Petrol Engine
    • Forst Open Flywheel
    • Touch Button Feed Control
  • ST8P Wheeled
    ST8P Wheeled

    ST8P8" capacity / Petrol

    Our famous 8” x 10” capacity machine now with a 57hp petrol engine to beat the 2019 emissions regulations and still give phenomenal chipping performance. It’s excellent on fuel consumption too – contrary to what you might think. 

    • 57HP Kubota Petrol Engine
    • 2019 / Tier 5 Emissions compliant
    • Robust construction
    • Simplicity of Maintenance
    • AutoIntelligence
    • ForstGrip Feed Roller System
    • Open Top Flywheel System
    • Spare Wheel
  • ST6D Wheeled
    ST6D Wheeled

    ST6D 42 & 246" capacity / Diesel

    Now with 2 x diesel engine options, a fast, hungry and powerful 42hp Doosan DPF or a 24hp Kubota naturally aspirated diesel. A wide hopper, robust all steel construction & phenomenal performance all come as standard with the 6D series. 

    • 42hp or 24hp Engine option
    • Robust construction
    • Autointelligence
    • Open Top Flywheel System
    • Forstgrip Feed Roller
    • Wide Hopper
    • Simplicity of Maintenance
    • Stage 5 Compliant Diesel
  • ST8 55 Wheeled
    ST8 55 Wheeled

    ST8D 558" capacity / DIESEL

    Fast, powerful and aggressive 8” x 10” capacity machine delivering 55hp form a stage 5 compliant Doosan diesel engine. A true performance tool combining quality and compact usability. 

    • Clear easy fill fuel tank
    • Stage 5 Compliant 55HP Diesel
    • Simplicity of Maintenance
    • Strength
    • Open Top Flywheel System
    • ForstGrip Feed Roller System
    • Autointelligence
    • Touch Button Feed Control
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