South East tree care company strengthens Först fleet with new machines

10 January 2017

Connick Tree Care, specialists in the preservation and maintenance of trees, has recently purchased two new Först woodchippers, bringing its total number of Först machines to four.

The company, which has been operating from London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire for over 30 years, has purchased two new ST8 chippers after enjoying the performances of its TR8 and TR6 since buying the two machines in March of this year and two years ago respectively.

Connick will primarily be using the ST8 in street tree situations, on roadside jobs and domestic and commercial properties. Much of the company’s work is in tight environments, meaning the manoeuvrability of the machines is vital. On jobs with difficult access points, the need to be able to unhitch the machine and ensure it only requires one or two colleagues to move it around efficiently and safely is key.

Mike Connick, Managing Director of Connick Tree Care commented: “We turned to Först because the build quality of the machines is excellent and the performance is second to none. From a design perspective, Först have looked at the way contractors operate and identified the issues other machines have. This has allowed them to develop chippers that don’t adopt the little niggles others might.

“Our decision to stick with Först machines is due to how robust and easy to use the machines are. They process timber efficiently, very rarely break down and I love the attention to detail in the design of the machines.”

The new machines will aid the 50 employees of Connick in their continued work serving homeowners and commercial companies across the South East, as well as their extensive work with local authorities, including Brighton and Hove Council and Surrey County Council.

Speaking on the relationship with Connick and Först’s parent company Redwood Global, Mike said: “Redwood Global is UK based and that was an important factor in deciding to purchase the Först machines. Redwood is brilliant for its maintenance and aftersales packages, any issues with our Först machines that aren’t general wear and tear will be sure to be attended to within 24 hours, for both parts and labour.

“We carry out day-to-day checks, but the support and guidance from Redwood Global is fantastic, which is why I can definitely see a continued relationship with both Redwood Global and the Först brand long into the future.”

By Redwood Global

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