Först's relationship with Jenks Oxford goes from strength to strength

05 September 2016

We have seen our relationship with highly skilled tree surgery company, Jenks Oxford go from strength to strength over the past two years, with the business set to renew its fleet of Först woodchippers in early 2017.

The firm, based in Dorchester-on-Thames, operates throughout Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire, and has significant pedigree within the industry, servicing clients such as The Ministry of Defence, Oxfordshire County Council and Henley Royal Regatta.

Our relationship with Jenks began in the spring of 2014, which saw the firm’s first purchase of two ST6 wheeled woodchippers followed shortly by a TR8 tracked woodchipper, two very different machines offering a multitude of solutions for the company’s various applications.

Mitch Ross, Operations Manager at Jenks Oxford, explained: “Whilst we already knew about the high performance and reliability of the Först machines, it was the 3 year warranty, service and support package that prompted us to make our first purchase back in 2014. Since then we haven’t looked back.

“The two Först ST6s are ideal for our day-to-day domestic business as they are light, mobile and their output oozes quality, whilst delivering a strong and consistent performance. For a highly mobile chipper its productivity is great and our ST6s get through a lot of work, supported by their robust and reliable Kubota engines. One thing we also noticed from the Först machines is the durability of the chippers’ blades, they are made from the best steel in the industry and can last up to 30 hours, which keeps our operational costs down.

“The Först TR8 is our big commercial workhorse that we use for big clearance jobs. We’ve used it on some of our most high profile work as it devours anything we feed it. It’s currently stationed on a big roadside clearance near our main headquarters in Dorchester-on-Thames, and for these types of jobs it’s essential that we get through the work quickly and effectively. The TR8 always delivers in that regard. What’s more, Först were more than happy to paint our machines in Jenks Oxford brand colours of blue, which gives us a really professional look when out on site.

“The high performance and calibre of the machines is underpinned by the maintenance and service support, which we have found first class.  Any issue with parts is resolved within 24 hours, meaning our uptime on projects is consistently at high levels. Any business owner knows that this is essential to the success of their operation, and this reliability allows us to give our customers assurance that when we commit to a job, it will be completed on time.

Mitch closed by stating: “We are extremely happy with the relationship we have with the wider Först team and most importantly, the products deliver.  We won’t be going anywhere else for our chipper needs and look forward to working with Först Woodchippers well into the future.”

By Redwood Global

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