Celebrating 6 years of Först!

19 July 2019

To mark a great first 6 years we’ve teamed up with Stihl to bring an outstanding deal to our customers on two of the UK’s best loved arb brands - Först and Stihl!

Först chippers ordered in the month of August 2019 come with a Stihl MS 500i FOC!

There has never been a better time to get your hands on a brand-new chipper and you get the latest innovation from Stihl as a bonus.

Get in touch to arrange a demo of a Först machine or to speak to our team to get you signed up for the deal!

Deal applies to all orders received in the month of August 2019 for brand new Först wood chippers ordered from Redwood Global Ltd at standard selling prices. No other discounts or special deals apply. Enquire for pricing. 

By Redwood Global

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